Introduction to Emilee's Cancer Core Recovery DVD

You might be wondering why I named my signature fitness program Cancer Core Recovery™. The answer is simple: I had cancer, in my core.

Your core makes up more than just your stomach muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles also make up your core.

I had my tummy cut open multiple times in my life from having cancer as a child at four years old. My pelvis and vaginal areas had cancer in it. Damage to your insides from radiation and surgery can leave lifelong side effects. I think I have experienced every side effect possible, including incontinence, which is so not fun.

I searched for a program to help me and there was nothing out there. I found lots of upper body exercises for breast cancer, and that’s awesome, but there was nothing for ladies with ovarian cancer, like me. Since I had lower body cancer basically, I decided I would help people like me. I had to rehab my body myself because no doctor, physical therapist or medical professional could help me. Well, there is one lady who helped me and the pain I had with my vagina and I love her! I had no idea how important women’s health was until it affected me. This women massaged my vagina and rectum. I know that sounds weird, and it is to tell you the truth, but if you are desperate like I was, you will do anything to get out of pain.

Once I was more relaxed on my insides, I was able to start my recovery program. I couldn’t feel my pelvis and insides like normal people, so I had to listen closely to my body and modify a lot. What might be easy for someone who hasn’t had radiation to their pelvis and abdominal surgeries to boot, was very difficult for me. I wanted to help people at home who have no idea about their bodies. I want to inspire people sitting at home to get up and move their bodies with me.

If I can do it, so can you. No excuses. Let me take you on a journey that enables you to heal from the inside out. We will go slow and before you know it, you’ll be back on your feet again with more body awareness and ease.

Having cancer in my core twice had made me analyze everything in my body and how the muscles affect each other. I have an understanding that is deeper than most because I felt and lived it. I have rehabbed my core over 5 times from abdominal surgeries.

The first hurdle to overcome is letting go of the fear that you will never be strong again. Stop that. That is just the negative voice in your head. I believe in you and with my help, I know you can get there too.

Cancer Core Recovery™ is different than other recovery programs because it is very specific to the core, pelvic muscles and all the muscles (like the psoas) that support your core. This is not about doing sit ups or crunches; this recovery program is about finding your true inner strength.

Most people don’t even know what this is and haven’t had cancer. Cancer Core Recovery™ will teach you to use muscles that you didn’t even know existed in a safe, slow and effective way.

Testimonial of a Breast Cancer Survivor (TRAM Flap Surgery) Who Used Cancer Core Recovery