You’re ready to create a life full of hope and joy.

Reawaken your mind, uplift your soul, and revitalize your body.

Whether it’s your wellness or your relationship story, you can live a life of joy and hope … overflowing with great health, lasting love, beauty, ease and prosperity. Maybe right now you’re not sure how to get there. Everyone, including me, has visible and invisible scars from the past that block us from stepping into our power and fulfilling our highest purpose.

By working with me, you can overcome the struggle and move forward with joy and confidence.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Empower Coaching Programs

Individual Professional Coaching with Emilee Garfield

If you wish to make change in your life, having a coach to motivate you and keep you accountable is vital.

New Life Story Coaching Sessions for Women Recovering from Cancer

My New Life Story Coaching Sessions are designed for women in cancer recovery, and anyone struggling with divorce, death, loss and body pain or body image issues, who is ready to transform their life.

Let me inspire and guide you to create a new life filled with hope and joy.

Life after Empower Coaching

  • Jump out of bed feeling more rested and hopeful.

  • Feel stronger so that you make decisions from a centered and empowered place.

  • Scattered energy becomes directed, clear, grounded and super charged.

  • People in your life tell you how you are GLOWING.

  • Overall physical well being improves.

  • Approach the ups and downs of life with cancer (if you are on that challenging journey) peacefully and calmly.

  • Reactivate your passion for life.

  • Feel happier and more connected.

Together, we can create a ROADMAP that will direct the course of your life, so you can be the author of your own story, once and for all.

How My Individualized Coaching Works

We meet once per week over telephone, video conference or in-person if you live in or near Santa Barbara, CA.

In between sessions you are free to email or text me if you have questions or need a quick shot of encouragement in a challenging moment.

In my experience, it takes more than one session to create lasting life change. I ask that you give yourself at least four sessions to begin seeing the transformation that you are wishing for to emerge.

The monthly retainer fee is $975. To get started, please click the button below that says “Schedule Your First Session.”

About Emilee Garfield,
Certified Live a New Life Story® Coach

Emilee is a Certified Live a New Life Story® and Wellness coach, who empowers women facing cancer to live courageously and write their own wellness story. She uses a mind-body-spirit holistic approach to help her clients heal their scars, both physical and emotional. After battling cancer twice, she believes that no matter how hard life can be, everyone has a comeback story that can transform their lives from hopeless to hopeful when they are given the tools to embody their superpower.

Emilee is the author of Cancer Core Recovery: A Survivor's Guide , in which she outlines in easy, step-by-step phases how to gently rehabilitate your body after cancer.

She lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her three beautiful children and her fierce guard dog Winston, who have all been her lifelines of unconditional love throughout her struggles.

Let’s get started!

Having cancer doesn't mean you have to be the victim of cancer.

Let me help you rekindle your true passion for life. You have a comeback story to tell too. I can’t wait to hear yours!

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in coaching, but wish to schedule a 15-minute consultation first to help you decide if you'd like to work with me.

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