BWW Fitness World Features Emilee

Emilee Garfield Launches New DVD, CANCER CORE RECOVERY


Emilee Garfield's motto is Empower Your Life! After battling cancer twice, Emilee believes that no matter how hard life can be, with the right support anyone can empower themselves to live a more joyful life. In her new DVD, Cancer Core Recovery (60 minutes, $19.95 Emilee inspires, educates and motivates as she openly shares her journey and the struggles of battling recurring cancer. After dealing with a new ileostomy, incontinence and internal tissue damage from cancer surgeries and radiation, Emilee realized how much she wanted to help others in the same situation. Her Cancer Core Recovery workout activates the internal muscles deep inside the pelvis, which are difficult to feel and often overlooked. The exercises in her workout focus on small, deep movements to help retrain the body and the nervous system in order to slow down and activate the deepest muscles. In the DVD, Emilee, along with two other cancer survivors, guide viewers and demonstrate the safe, modified exercises to help participants gain confidence and strength to get back on their feet.