Reinventing Your Body

What if you could change one thing about your body? What would it be?

I will tell you what has bothered me all of my scar. 

You might say, "It's just a scar," and you’re right. It's just a scar, but under that scar is pain. Not physical pain, but emotional pain that goes beyond cancer.

What if I told you that all it took to change that negative belief or thought was one simple thing? Would you believe me? I know it works because it has worked for me.

The problem is not the scar or the body image we don't like. The problem is our brain and our thought process. We are programmed to believe we have to look, feel or behave a certain way to fit into society.

What if you just started to love yourself for who you are and your body for what it is?

Deep breath. Yes. That feels much better.

Why do we compare ourselves to others and let others control how we feel?

I know I’m not alone in these feelings.

I am sure you have all heard that your body is controlled by your mind. It's true. We can choose ideas that limit our bodies or we can decide to liberate them to their fullest potential.

Even at my sickest, my body was alive and it looked to me for direction. This is where the choice came. Which direction do I want to take my body?

In order to build up the body that I wanted, I had to have more than just physical strength. I had to manifest the physical body through my thoughts and consciousness.

I am what I believe. If I think, “I am weak,” then I will be weak. If you think you are never going to get better and be strong again, then you manifest that. You are what you create. Mantras were a huge part of healing for me.

What is your struggle today? Maybe you say, “I hate my body or I hate my new scars.” Rather, try saying, “I am so grateful to be alive and my new body is going to teach me something.”

Try turning the negatives into positives. I get it, you may not like your body or scars but if you continue to think about the negative, you will never heal.

Just for today, try being aware of your thoughts. Don’t judge yourself or be too hard on yourself.

Change is just one step and one thought away.

Always remember that your physical body is just as important as your spiritual body or mind. This is often why you hear the advice to have a positive mindset. If you don't love your body, start to change your mindset.

Set the intention that you love yourself and love your body. You might just need some time to figure it out, but you will get there. Healing starts from the inside out.

If you are struggling with your body, try standing naked and take some time to look in the mirror. I know it's scary to see yourself naked and see all your scars; look at those scars and remind yourself every day that you are a warrior. You are a survivor and you are a gift. You are beautiful and loved.

If you don't feel loved, start to love yourself. Self love and self respect are the greatest forms of love in existence.

Your body has a bigger purpose than just its physical form.  

Think about your body in a new way. Think about your body with love, compassion, respect and understanding.

What message would you like to tell to your future body? What has your body taught you? Your message could teach your kids or other women who might go through the same issues.  

I want to teach my ten year old daughter that you should always love your body no matter what size or shape you are. And, you should never judge anyone by their body or scar or missing legs and body parts because you don't know their story or what they have been through.

Your scar or your imperfect body has taught you something.  

What has it taught you?

I reinvented my body during cancer recovery by doing really easy and fun exercises and stretches.

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If you found inspiration to love your body more after reading this post and know someone who could use a pick-me-up, please share this with them.

Hugs and Love,

Emilee 💕