Review: Cancer Core Recovery Workout DVD

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This DVD contains a 30 min core routine, a 15 min stretch routine, tutorials, and an introduction. You will need 2 small unweighted balls for the core work. Emilee works out with 2 backgrounders, all 3 are cancer survivors and all show various intensity levels.

Cancer Core Recovery: After a quick stretch, exercises include slow crunches with one ball under your lower back & one between your knees,  pelvic tucks, oblique crunches, single knee raise with the ball under your booty, single leg bicycle, single & double leg drops, frog press, ball inner thigh squeeze, bridge, and a quick stretch.

Cooling Stretch: Emilee works out alone for these stretch poses. Poses include childs pose, flowing side stretches, cat cow, wag the dog, puppy pose, down dog, gate hip stretch, kneeling butterfly, seated side stretch, and a hamstring stretch using a towel.

I rate this a solid intermediate routine- I expected it to be more beginner level, but was super pleasantly surprised. Emilee is a great instructor, very encouraging and provides great form pointers. I definitely felt the core work the next day and enjoyed the routine. The core work and stretches are designed to aid in your cancer recovery and to strengthen you along the way, but I found this to be a nice routine for anyone. Emilee uses slow & controlled exercises for a recovery pace. I received this DVD to review.