All About My Friend Ken!

Ken and I ... "You make life worth living!"

Ken and I ... "You make life worth living!"

The day that Ken walked into my studio, I had no idea that my life would change for the better.

This is one of those silver linings that people always talk about. How could a 94-year-old man bring joy to my life? It’s crazy how much joy this guy has brought to me. Ken came to me for inspiration and help, but really he is the inspiration. I post about Ken and I daily on my Instagram @cancersavedmylife, and he has garnered me the most views.

What is so different about Ken? Ken is teaching us all that life is a gift. Not only that, but he told me that I make life worth living. Wow, that was the best compliment I’ve ever had. Well, guess what?  He makes my life worth living. He is an example of why I fought so hard in my cancer journey. People like Ken are the reason I wake up every day and go to work. I have the best job in the world.

Ken’s granddaughter called me one year ago and said she had read my story in a magazine. It was about my recovery through cancer and how I used Pilates and yoga to heal myself. The truth is I used movement. Movement of any type. Some days it was a simple walk around the block. Other days it was exercises that I did holding on to my kitchen sink. Some days it was teaching my yoga class and private Pilates classes.

Some days Ken and I take walks, some days we do yoga and some days we dance. There are many days Ken has come in and said he just wants to lie on the table and have me rub his feet. I did that every so often, but the moment I introduced dance and laughter into our session, I saw a spark in his eyes. He was a different man. I held him tightly and we danced inside my little studio. It was the best feeling to see him so happy.

It really dawned on me then that making others happy is what makes me happy. I love to make people smile and laugh. I find that my clients enjoy their time with me more when we laugh and tell stories. They keep coming back for more.

Ken being in my life has taught me many things. He has taught me that life is short. The people that you spend time with and love are the most important. He teaches me that it’s ok to not be perfect and that laughter is more important than how many squats we do together. Squats are good, but laughter is healing. I have also learned from Ken that you always need to listen to your client first. You can never assume they need or should do something just because the book tells you to. I have broken all of the rules in my yoga and Pilates training with Ken, and have created my own empower wellness plan with him. It seems to be going pretty well. Honestly, that is how I came up with the name Empower. I don’t just teach Pilates and yoga. I like to say that I love to teach movement, and each day is different.

So, if you want to try a fun pose in yoga called warrior 2,  you can join Ken and I! We practiced this pose on the beach the other day.

We are all a work in progress, so let go of the perfection and just try it.  If Ken can do it,  so can you! Keep marching forward in life by taking one step at a time.

Love and hugs,


Ken and I: Learning how to march!

Ken and I: Learning how to march!