Hotline with Emilee!



Last week, I was telling my friend about a private message I received on Instagram that touched my heart. 

This is what she said:

“Wow Emilee! Your tribe really asks great questions and look to you for inspiration. Why don’t you make a video series called ‘Hotline With Emilee’ and answer questions from your followers each week?” 

I realized right away what a great idea this was!

After all, YOU are my #EmpowerLifeTribe. 

I’m lucky to belong to a tribe of women who understand what I go through and have the same fears and worries. 

I want to give back to all of the women who are not only a part of my tribe, but who are also suffering and need encouragement.

So, I said YES. Yes to standing up and being seen so I can help more women recovering from cancer … or divorce … or heartache … or lack of self-worth and self-love.

I may not always have the perfect answer, but I will answer ANY question because there is no such thing as a “stupid” question. 

I’m kicking off this series with some questions from one of my Instagram followers who wishes to remain anonymous:

Do you ever feel hopeless? How do you stay unafraid? I need your positivity today. How do you stay so happy?

These are all great questions!

My answer: 

I think it’s normal to feel hopeless! 

The first 6 weeks after my cancer diagnosis I thought I was going to die until I decided to stop letting my fears control me.

These are normal fears. Yes, even being afraid! 

All of your feelings are valid, but you have to believe that you can fight this! 

Save your energy by not wasting it on negative thoughts! You need all the positive energy you have to fight! Half the battle is the mental mindset! 

Don’t let cancer take away your power!

The doctors are doing their job using the drugs in your treatment to kill the cancer ... now, your job is to Stay FOCUSED on the end result! Survival! 

Just think of that! We had to go through shit and hell to get there, but if you survive in the end it’s all worth it! You can do this!

You can’t compare yourself to others. Just focus on YOU!
Worrying doesn’t do anything! Try to be in the moment, today! That’s all we have really!

I had a friend who was dying from ovarian cancer and I was so afraid. 

On her last day before she died she wrote me, “Don’t waste your time worrying or being afraid of death.” 

For some reason it helped me not to worry! It is what it is. It’s already stressful so why make it worse? I don’t know why or how, but I just chose joy. My life felt hopeless before, so anything was better than what I was going through, even cancer!

I asked my dear friend and client Ken to respond to these questions on video.


We all have pain and we all have fears. My intention is to share these small, intimate moments of encouragement with you each week. 

Do you have a question or need a special message of encouragement and hope? Send me a private message via Instagram any time.

We all have someone in our lives who is going through a difficult time. Please share my message with them. Perhaps it will put a little smile on their face and bring a little glimmer of hope to their life.

Thank you so much for always supporting me on my journey as I am finding my North Star!




I'm still in the process of fundraising for my Cancer Survivor retreat coming up in Santa Barbara.

I would love to reach my goal of $5,000 by August 1st and right now we are at about $300. I know as a community we can do this!

Throughout the month of July, I’m offering my books (pdf format) and videos in the online store for $9.99. All sales directly sponsor young girls with cancer to come to Santa Barbara, CA for a yoga and pilates wellness retreat.

Please help support a cancer survivor! You can also forward this email to your friends and loved ones who would enjoy my Cancer Core Recovery Workout manual and videos.

Thank you! I appreciate you and am grateful for your caring and encouragement as I pursue my life's mission.


Love and hugs,
Emilee ♥