Finding Hope and Joy Beyond Cancer

Reclaim Your Strength, Find Purpose and Create a Life You Love

Workshops and Programs for Women Who Have Experienced Ovarian, Pelvic or Abdominal Cancer

Cancer Can Be a Catalyst to Transform Your Life

Cancer has turned your world upside down – taking with it a life you once knew and a body you no longer remember.

I’ve walked in your shoes – twice – and while I know how hard it can be, I also know that cancer can be a catalyst to transform your life.

If you’ve experienced pelvic, abdominal or ovarian cancer, I can show you how to move past the fear, trauma and frustration of cancer and find a new life filled with joy, power and excitement.

Take Your First Steps To Living A Fabulous Life Beyond Cancer…

Step one

Let’s Talk!

I’ve been where you are and know how to help. Begin by scheduling a complimentary session to talk about your personal process and get some guidance to help you begin to heal.

Step two

Get Your Recovery Plan

Whether you need emotional or physical support during cancer treatment or after, I’ll create a recovery plan that works for whatever stage of recovery you are in so you can feel good again!

Step three

Find Hope and Strength

Whether we work together one-on-one or through my online programs, you’ll find the hope you need to move forward and the strength you desire to carry you into an inspired life after cancer!

Begin by scheduling your call today!

Reclaim Your Body

Rebuild your strength and fall in love with your body again through my cancer core recovery programs.

Find Joy & Purpose

Discover how cancer can be a wake up call and open your life to new and incredible possibilities with coaching.

Take Charge of Your Life

Instead of feeling out of control, discover how to take charge of your life and build a life beyond your dreams.

Fall in love with yourself and your life in ways you never imagined possible…

FREE 7 Day Restore Your Core Course

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Cancer Saved My Life – It Can Save Yours Too

Picking up the pieces after the “perfect storm” can feel frightening.

From the moment you were diagnosed, you’ve been in a fight for your life. With barely time to think, you’ve been fully focused on your survival.

I know it’s hard to believe that life will ever feel good again.

Or that you’ll be able to find peace . . . let alone real purpose.

But I promise you that life can be even better than it’s ever been.

When I say that cancer saved my life, I truly mean it.

Beyond cancer lies inspiration, strength, and peace.

Through my physical movement, mindset and nutrition one-on-one coaching and online programs, I can help you claim them!

To begin, review my programs to see how I can help you find the beauty in your journey.

Recovery is just the beginning.

From one survivor to another – I’ll share with you the tools and skills that will help you thrive after cancer.

Online Programs


The Loft Studio

Hi. I’m Emilee!

I’ve faced cancer twice in my life – once as a child and again at the age of 39. Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer showed me not only how strong I was, but that I was put here to empower other women to heal, strengthen and fall in love with their bodies in a whole new way.

My new life journey began in the dark depths of my second cancer diagnosis.

And although this time promised to ravage my body and threaten my very life, I discovered that real – honest – strength and beauty can be found in the worst places.

So, I decided to fight. And I decided to live.

It was from my hospital bed that my inspiration for the programs I share were born. I learned that movement, belief and purpose can truly heal your body, mind and soul.

Change is a process, not a race to the finish line.

As a yoga and pilates teacher for over 18 years, I can show you how to love your body and your life, no matter what obstacle cancer has thrown in your way!

Your wellness journey starts here…

FREE In-Bed or Recovering Mini Class!

  • After meeting Emilee during a session of B-School, I ordered her workout DVD and asked to have a peek at her upcoming exercise guide. I absolutely love it and you will too!

    Kris Carr
    Kris Carr
  • Emilee has shown me that body is full of surprises, strength and I have the ability to conquer anything! I’m a two time cancer survivor and have had multiple surgeries in my abdomen, breast and shoulder. Emilee showed me how strong I really am!

    Christine Feldman
    Christine Feldman
  • I keep trying mainstream workouts. But there is nothing “mainstream” about my body.It’s scarred and broken. (My lymphatic system is literally broken because of surgical removal, scar tissue is binding and disrupting the flow of movement...) That doesn’t mean it can’t ever be strong!It means I need specialized care to get me there. 
 My friend Emilee, a fellow cancer survivor and multi-surgery sister, also Pilates instructor has an amazing exercise program. 
 Her exercises are SLOW but don’t be fooled they are still challenging! Only needing a few reps to challenge those DEEP CORE muscles. No crazy jumping. No intense upper body lifting. 
 EVERYTHING I NEED to strengthen this body and feel better throughout my day because I fed my body with movement.
I would encourage you to follow her, sign up to receive her exercises ... anything because it all so good!


You don’t have to fight cancer alone.

Instead of simply getting through each day, imagine landing in a place where you feel understood and can be guided to overcome the confusion, anger, frustration and hopelessness to reclaim a life that is filled with love.

No matter what doubts you have, I promise to help you take the first steps to find an incredible life after cancer.