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Do you feel like you’ve lost the woman you were before cancer?

Are you paralyzed with fear and doubt, living in pain and not sure what to do?

Here’s what I know for sure …

Most days you wake up in pain and don’t want to get out of bed.

You feel anxiety, depression and loneliness. You struggle with your own self-care and self-worth. 

If you’re anything like the other women I’ve met in cancer recovery, once their treatments were complete, all they could manage was to survive one day at a time. 

Surviving cancer isn’t as easy as people think it is. “Just move on,” or “Get over it,” is something we hear a lot. 

Every day presents a new challenge and you don’t know what to expect.

I am here to help and give you the tools to begin today–without having to guess or worry if you’re doing the right things.

I want you to wake up each morning in joy,

grateful to be alive and excited to start your day!

The Reclaim Your Strength & Hope membership program is a holistic and comprehensive approach to cancer recovery that incorporates safe, therapeutic physical exercise, a supportive, private online community of women, and includes mindset practices, meditation and journaling prompts and spot light speakers. 

It’s truly a unique, full-spectrum approach to cancer recovery!

This program is designed specifically for anyone in cancer recovery and will help:

  • Promote Pelvic Health Wellness
  • Strengthen Abdominal Muscles
  • Increase Flexibility & Mobility
  • Relieve Back Pain
  • Diastasis Recti Recovery
  • Improve Posture and Balance
  • Develop Feelings of Peacefulness, Wellbeing, Self-Compassion and Self-Love
  • Decrease Feelings of Alienation and Loneliness
  • Increase A Sense of Hope and Excitement for the Future
  • Improve Incontinence and Bladder Dysfunction
  • Decrease chances of lower limb lymphedema
  • Improve Intimacy and Sex Post Treatment
  • Safe Exercises For People Living With an Ostomy

Are you struggling with body shame?

Do you resent your body sometimes?

This is something that I hear all the time from my community of women in cancer recovery: “I’m afraid to leave the house because I look and feel so different. I’m ashamed of my scars. I’m afraid people will stare at me or judge me.”

What would it take to feel good again? And, it really starts with taking small action each day.

It can be as simple as flexing your toes, walking around the house and learning to sit up tall again.

If you move your body just a little bit every day, slowly you’ll begin to feel better, and when you feel better you have more enthusiasm for life. You start to believe in yourself more and more.

After my extensive debulking surgery, where many of the organs in my lower abdomen were removed and recreated, including my “girly parts,” I had a huge, ugly scar on my belly and an ileostomy (“poop”) bag hanging off the side of my body. I had been a Pilates/yoga instructor and movement educator for many years. 

When I woke up and saw the “new me,” I was devastated. I was afraid to look at myself. I felt ashamed of my body. I felt unlovable. I felt crazy. I felt broken. Going through everything that I did, I knew I had to help others. It has become my purpose. 

This membership program is my passion. I’m here to help you, so you don’t feel alone in your recovery. 

You have so much strength inside of you. Let me help you access that strength so you can thrive and get your body back again!

Hi! In case we’ve never met before in person or on social media, I’m Emilee.

I’ve been a movement educator for over 20 years, teaching therapeutic yoga and Pilates in my private studio. As a cancer recovery specialist, I help women like you all over the world reclaim their strength, hope and their bodies, through safe, proven exercises.

I’ve survived cancer two times in my life: once at 4 years old and the second time in my thirties. You can say I’m a cancer thriver!

After my surgery, while I was still in the hospital, I asked doctors and nurses how I could recover my body through exercise. I got a lot of blank stares, since they didn’t know specific exercises. But they did help me walk around the halls to keep my blood flowing because they knew I needed to start moving sooner rather than later! If I didn’t move my body, I knew I wouldn’t heal quickly or relieve my excruciating back pain.

Even back then, I knew movement was medicine!

These therapeutic movements and stretches became the cornerstone of my Cancer Core Recovery® Method that I’ve been teaching for the past 5 years.

This membership program, specifically designed for cancer survivors, is the first step in moving forward in your life and taking back your power. I would be honored to help you go from where you are today to thriving after cancer, both physically and emotionally. I’ll help you learn the mindset skills that are essential for living your best life.

You don’t need to wait years after your recovery to start moving your body. In fact, the sooner you begin a safe stretch and exercise program, the faster you will recover–because movement is medicine.


It’s now scientifically proven that not exercising slows down healing and can impair the immune system. My Cancer Core Recovery® Exercise Method will help move lymph through your body, flushing out toxins and increasing your immunity so you stay healthier. Your elimination will improve too. Your colon will love you for that!

Once treatments are over, that doesn’t mean the cancer journey ends. 

Often survivors are left feeling frustrated and alone because there are limited resources or help available–especially for healing and strengthening the body safely. I had an ostomy and I wasn’t able to find an exercise program that was realistic for my needs. I had fears of making my ostomy worse–I didn’t need a hernia on top of everything else.

Giving up and doing nothing was not an option. I had to work and support my three children, post divorce.

Whether you’re recovering from cancer treatment, surgery, living with an ostomy, or struggling with weak abdominals and lower back pain, this program gives you the tools to safely restore strength to your deepest muscles.

You will learn the basic anatomy of the body and in particular about muscles you never knew you had down there, in the “girl parts.” 

Dr. Christine Pieton, our personal Women’s Pelvic Health expert, is a women’s health physical therapist and specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation and injuries.

You will empower yourself and rebuild your body safely with my uplifting Cancer Core Recovery® Exercise Method! It’s like having a motivational workout buddy (that would be me) who keeps you smiling and enjoying the process no matter what state of fitness you’re in now.

Doctors, medical and fitness professionals, and cancer patients alike all consider this program the definitive guide for rebuilding your core muscles after cancer treatment and abdominal surgery.


Meet Dr. Christine Pieton, our personal Women’s Pelvic Health expert…

The Cancer Core Recovery® Program
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Starting exercises after being so depleted from cancer treatments is daunting . . . scary even! I was (am) so afraid of hurting myself because of my weakness and limitation that I feel (felt) trapped in doing nothing but make excuses. Emilee, your exercises and gentle reintroduction to movement beyond walking from one room to another was the best thing ever! Because I know that you have been there . . . I was able to trust that I too can find movement in this new body and trust in you to share movement that was gentle but meaningful to wakening up my body again!


As a gynecological surgeon, I know that this isn’t easy territory. Surgery, recovery in a hospital and then the cancer treatments can all conspire to rob women of any sense of control over their bodies.

Emilee shows women how to rebuild, refocus and emerge stronger in a truly gentle and caring way. Her exercises are safe, gradual steps that women can do from their hospital bed to their own bedrooms to build endurance, confidence and strength. It’s progress, not perfection, and Emilee’s book is there at your side along the journey to feeling whole again.

I whole heartedly endorse Emilee’s cancer recovery program and her spirit embodied in this unique method for women.

~Ilana Cass, Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gynecologic Oncology, Cedars Sinai Medical Center

I am sitting in my car having just left my first session with Emilee. My body is still vibrating from the stretching and movement I have been told not to do for the past 5 weeks. I feel overwhelmed with emotion. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh with joy. I am a very athletic person. I pride myself on my strength and love for running, hiking and anything that puts me outside. I feel so good and my body feels lighter. I hadn’t realized how tight and tense my body had been this morning when I walked into Emilees studio. This was my first step. I am on my way to recovery and back to my normal life. I am so grateful for life and for Emilees guidance.

~ Jana Corbin- Breast Cancer Survivor

Are you ready to join the Reclaim Your Strength & Hope Membership program and be a part of my tribe for cancer thrivers?

Let’s do this!

The Cancer Core Recovery® Membership Program Includes a 24/7, Private Online Community!

My favorite part of creating this program has been building an online community of women in all stages of cancer recovery! I felt so alone during my own recovery that I vowed to create a space where other women could connect and support each other.

You don’t have to do this alone! 

When you join the Cancer Core Recovery® Membership Program, I’ll add you to my private Facebook community of women in cancer recovery, just like you. You’ll begin to feel more supported and understood by other women taking this amazing journey. You’ll be able to share your struggles and your accomplishments without the fear of being judged or shamed. 

Have an urgent question? Too embarrassed to ask your doctor a question around sexual health? Dr. Christine will be there to answer your professional questions and I will be there asking them too. It takes a community. It takes a team and I have never been so excited to open the doors to a program that is the first of its kind. 

And, of course, I will be in the group with you, cheering you on every step of the way! 

You will have exclusive access to me in this private Facebook group to ask questions and request extra support. Aside from my one-on-one coaching, this is the only other way to have my personalized support each week.

The Facebook group is included in your membership enrollment and is one of the best ways to recover in a loving, compassionate community environment. My online group members are from all over the world and we welcome you with open arms!

Are you ready to join my program and feel more supported and inspired?

The Cancer Core Recovery® Exercise Method Modules

Each exercise is richly illustrated and explained in text, photos and video.

What makes the Cancer Survivor Recovery® Exercise Method so unique is the fact that there is no other exercise program on the market that safely coaches your recovery from day one–while still in the hospital bed!

Here’s the truth: during cancer recovery you need to slow down, listen to your body and let it teach you what it needs to get strong again.

Know that healing your body is going to be a process and that there is no one right way. Do what works best for you.

This program is appropriate for all ages and levels and no experience is necessary, and is exclusively designed to help anyone safely recover their bodies in any stage of cancer recovery.

Phase 1: Early Stages of Recovery

These are exercises that can be done right from your hospital bed.

It’s important to move your body and get the lymphatic system moving as soon as possible. These are easy exercises, no experience required.

After surgery, your body feels like it just went through a war. You may be experiencing post traumatic feelings and this is normal. The best thing you can do is start to do gentle movements, often. These feel so simple and easy that they may seem silly, but these little movements, repeated over and over, will move you through your recovery faster.

You will learn the Daily Essentials and have access to a 5-minute mini-class that you can do with me right from your bed. It’s like I am right there with you. You are not alone and I understand where you have been. Some days the fear is too much or the pain is too intense, but with this program, you can self guide yourself through the phases that resonate with you.

We all heal at different rates. Some slower than others. It’s okay if you do Phase 1 for a few months once you are out of the hospital.

Phase 2: Begin Rebuilding Your Strength

You can begin Phase 2 after you arrive home from the hospital.

In this phase, you will review Phase 1 and learn exercises for when you feel exhausted and that will help ease your back pain.

This phase focuses on stretches for scar tissue and simple exercises that help with pelvic pain. At this point, your body is still under a lot of stress and it’s important NOT to do any abdominal exercises or anything that could injure your incision.

This phase will help reduce inflammation by moving your body in gentle ways.

You will use props, like your bed, to hold onto, so that you can begin to build lower body strength in your legs. This is NOT the kind of lower body workout you may be thinking of. Everything is designed to help you build your strength back from the inside out. It is really hard to squat down on a toilet after surgery! I know because I’ve experienced it too! I will teach you simple exercises to help build those muscles back.

Phase 3: Restore Your Core Strength

In Phase 3, you will focus on your core. This is essentially where you will learn how to reactivate your core muscles by using small stability balls.

After having major surgery, I understand the fear of injuring yourself during exercise. I have taken that fear away from you. I modified all of these exercises while having an ileostomy, after major colon surgery. It is the only way I can do core work without feeling pain.

The best part is that you will learn so much more about your core than you probably ever knew. Deep inside your core are muscles that help support your pelvic floor; if you strengthen these muscles it helps with incontinence and sexual health, to name just two benefits. But more importantly, you will learn what your core actually is and how it’s important to activate all of these muscles.

Phase 4: Regain Balance and Strength

In this phase, you will learn “the basics,” such as Mountain and Tree pose taught in yoga. This foundational work will help you progress to more challenging exercises.

The focus in Phase 4 is rebuilding your hip strength. Do you know how important hip strength is? Many people don’t realize they are out of balance or can’t stand on one leg because they have weak hip and butt muscles. You will learn some basic exercises that you can use as tools for the rest of your life.

Phase 5: Stretch

Phase 5 is the “stretch phase,” and it’s one of my favorites!

You will learn over 40 stretches to choose from to help your back, pelvic or hip pain. These are priceless and easy to follow. Each exercise includes a video and written instructions.

I know this membership program will change your life!

These are the EXACT same exercises I did while I healed and recovered from stage 3C ovarian cancer. And, guess what? I still do many of these stretches and exercises EVERY DAY and have taught them to hundreds of other women worldwide!


Start a new chapter in your cancer recovery and ignite your passion for life again!



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What’s Included In Reclaim Your Strength & Hope: A Cancer Survivor Recovery Membership Program:

  • Over 100 Safe and Easy Exercises Designed Specifically for Cancer Survivors.

  • All Exercise Materials in Bite-Sized Multiple Formats: Text, Video, Photos and Illustrations. Easy to follow without the overwhelm.

  • 24/7 Exclusive Access to Emilee

  • Private Community of Cancer Survivors For Encouragement & Support on Facebook.

  • Emilee’s Fun, Live “Move With Me” Sessions in the Private Facebook Group.

  • Monthly Q&A’s Over Zoom Video/Phone Conferencing with Emilee, Pelvic/Women’s Health Expert and other Professional guest teachers.

  • Live Videos are recorded in case you can’t join live sessions.