I help cancer survivors reclaim strength & hope and live a better quality of life.

Mind Body Health Coach, Movement Educator, Cancer Recovery Expert, Author, Life Coach, 2x Cancer Thriver and Mother of 3 miracle babies.

Heal & Thrive Program

Heal + Thrive Online Program Is A Safe Online Rehabilitative Yoga & Pilates Membership Designed To Support You Through All Stages of Your Recovery and Help You Heal Your Body With Ease & Grace.


Hi, I’m Emilee.

Mind + body health coach, movement educator, life coach and 2x cancer thriver.

I teach movement as medicine and help women get out of physical and emotional pain after a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer doesn’t need to stop you in your tracks!

I can help you rebuild the foundations of your life. I’m here to remind you that you have the power to write a new life story–and then LIVE it!

Through my own healing journey I was disappointed in the lack of support I needed after major life changing surgery that left me living with an ileostomy. I was frustrated to find limited resources locally about how to exercise safely with an ostomy and safely after major abdominal surgery.

So, I created my own recovery program that I’m here to teach you so that you can get your life back! 

After being diagnosed with Advanced stage 3C Ovarian Cancer it became my mission to serve the cancer population with my professional expertise as a life coach and movement educator, especially those affected by pelvic and abdominal cancers. 

 I created a full recovery program that addresses both the physical body and emotional  body called HEAL & THRIVE.

 This is a space for cancer survivors to get self care tips to speed up the recovery process.  This is not an extreme fitness program.  I teach safe exercises endorsed by oncologists and medical doctors, with in-depth cancer recovery exercises from my signature program Cancer Core Recovery(R) Program.

Surviving cancer is only one step on the long road to recovery. Cancer digs up every fear and insecurity you’ve hidden away, amplifies them, and then grows them, like a malignancy of the soul. And it’s not only happening in your head and heart, but you are physically different on the outside too. Your body carries the scars of what you’ve fought so hard to overcome. Nothing is the same.


I’ve walked a mile or two in your shoes. After cancer, I experienced some of the same fears holding you back from living in joy and vitality.

You might be asking yourself… Can I ever live a normal life? … Find happiness after cancer?


First, let me tell you this:

You don’t have to go through another traumatic life event alone. 

If you are recovering from a life-threatening disease like Cancer, feel like you don’t have any support and don’t know where to start… I provide wonderful programs to guide you through this journey, directly to the life you want and deserve.

You are WORTH IT!

I repeat: You are WORTH IT!

Reclaim your sense of self & begin to truly live the life you know you in your heart you are destined to live.


It’s time to make yourself a priority!

Heal & Thrive Online Membership for Cancer Survivors

Did you just get diagnosed with cancer? Told you are going to be living with an ileostomy? Feel anxious, overwhelmed and don’t even know where to begin. This is the place for you.

Or, you survived cancer and are STILL struggling. This is for you too!

Heal & Thrive membership is a self guided journey through physical healing. Along the journey I will be there to support you, guide you through my self-paced videos. I am here to support you and if you need something, just ask!

I envisioned movement as medicine … and I moved at a turtle’s pace. But, I moved. The hospital kicked me out because they said I was healing so fast. I can take credit for that. I DID the work.

Every time you move your body, even in the simplest form, it sends signals to your brain to heal. This is a conversation your brain and body has with each other. Your body wants to heal. Your brain tells you, “Maybe not today.” That is where the mindset work comes in.

How Emilee’s Work Has Changed Lives!

  • I love Emilee... She changed my life and I will always be so grateful!

  • Thank you so much Emilee for taking me under your wing and guiding me on how to break old sabotaging cycles. I am so grateful to be on this journey, it’s hard work that’s for sure, but after doing this big step I know next time and every time after it will just keep getting easier and easier!

    Breanna, USA
  • I found Emilee through a social media post about cancer. Although I have never had cancer, her positivity resonated with me, so I reached out to her. I cannot put a price on what Boundary Coaching has done for me. I went from a fearful feeling where I don’t have control over many aspects of my life to seeing my choices, my limits , and my value.  My time with Emilee brought a positive change in me that will last a lifetime.

    Kimberly Gentry



As a fellow health & fitness professional diagnosed with stage IIIC ovarian cancer, I searched for anyone who had overcome this nightmarish disease and found Emilee! When I experienced my first recurrence 2 years later, I knew that I needed assistance to pull myself out of the overwhelming despair and hopelessness I was feeling, so I began one-on-one personal coaching with her.


Together, we have uncovered some of the deep, dark stories that contributed to my mindset and are rewriting the old stories of worthlessness, hiding and shame. Regardless of the physical outcome, I believe healing is possible for anyone facing cancer or any other life-threatening disease. 


Healing happens and possibilities expand when we change our stories to ones of hope, courage, strength, resilience and tenacity. Emilee understands this journey first-hand and it has been amazing to have someone walk alongside me, lifting, encouraging and empowering me to fully LIVE!



Are you ready to make yourself a priority?

Here’s How I Can Help!

Heal & Thrive Membership

Heal & Thrive Membership

Heal & Thrive membership for cancer survivors, is a self guided journey through physical healing and emotional healing. Along the journey I will be there to support and guide you. Each month I will teach LIVE workshops.

Coaching w/Emilee

Coaching w/Emilee

1:1 Coaching To Reinvent Your Life After Cancer & Group Programs. My different coaching packages are designed to suit your specific healing needs best. Don’t wait to get the love & support you need. Your support system starts right here!

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