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Reclaim Your Light

Ongoing Support and Coaching

for Cancer Survivors to Jumpstart A New Life.

Join me and other cancer survivors for a life changing journey…

Reclaim yourself, your life and your light.

Do you feel stuck? 

You want to feel happy, but something is holding you back?

Together we will explore and identify your limiting beliefs and fears together. You can’t change what you don’t recognize. Together we will find your light, so you can live a life full of happiness and joy.

Cancer doesn’t have to take away your joy. You have the power, you just have to own it and claim it.

Whether you are just beginning your recovery or are someone who has had a ‘roadblock’ in your recovery, this program is designed to motivate, change and encourage self growth for cancer survivors who wish to recreate their lives.

Like you, I struggled physically and emotionally during my cancer journey.

In this coaching group, you will feel encouraged, supported and wildly inspired to create lasting change in your life.

I created this interactive cancer recovery group because I wish I had something like this when I was going it alone in my own cancer journey.

You do not need to feel alone … and you don’t have to do this alone. Together,  we will get you through this.

You can hear other cancer survivors share what has helped them and talk without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. This is a sisterhood that you will not find anywhere else. It doesn’t matter if you had cancer 20 years ago or are newly diagnosed. The fears and limiting beliefs that cancer creates will always stay there until you own your story, tell the truth and do the work to make lasting change.

If you are ready to create a shift in your life, want to learn how to reduce anxiety, let go of fears and take back your power then this is the group that can support and uplift you!

Every week on Sunday’s at 9:00am Pacific Time, you can jump on a live call with me and the group over Zoom for an hour–if you can’t be there live, you can always go back and watch the recordings to get the nuggets of support and encouragement when it’s most convenient for you. You can ask any questions about the recovery process and share your stories, hopes, dreams, sorrows and fears in a SAFE and loving space. 

The live calls are intimate–this is a place where you can open up completely, without any reservations. This space is for you to feel safe and heard. 

I love connecting face-to-face by Zoom video conferencing to make real life connections. 

Hands down, the best part of this coaching group is the personal mentoring you’ll get from me EVERY week.

  • I'm so glad I decided to participate in Emilee's 1st Reclaim Your Light. I had wondered - Is this right for me? Do I need it now? I decided if I was asking those questions, the answer must be Yes.

    Emilee's approach to coaching is refreshing & provides new ways to look at how to approach things I'm dealing with. I appreciated the combination of insightful videos, thought provoking questions to consider for our selves, & the opportunity to work through things within a small group. Her positive approach & life experience combined to help me identify ways to move forward. I got a lot out of the sessions, enjoyed the interactions, and found it helpful in ways I hadn't expected.

    Deirdre Holder
  • I loved this group program! The weekly calls were very special and felt like a safe space where I was understood.

    I would definitely recommend this to a friend and know the tools and deep talks we had could help ANYONE get through something hard – not just cancer patients.” 


When I first connected with Emilee I felt a sense of calm, like everything was going to be ok. Having recently had surgery for ovarian cancer and about to embark on four months of chemo, fear and anxiety were rife. Being able to connect with someone who had been through the same diagnosis and was now strong and healthy and doing so much to help others was so reassuring and up lifting. 


Emilee’s program incorporates lots of valuable tools and exercises to help cancer survivors focus on creating a life that will help them thrive, covering everything from mindset to goal setting. But what is really magical about the program is Emilee!


She genuinely cares and is exceptionally generous, giving tailored care and attention to everyone she works with. If you’re considering signing up, do it! 


I completed RECLAIM YOUR LIGHT with Emilee, after following her on Instagram @cancersavedmylife, for some time.


There are so many shiny gems in this course. The main one for me being the connection with other women in the live meetings. Sharing my story and listening to others’ – the COURAGE, the FAITH, the RESILIENCE, the INSPIRATION, the AMAZINGNESS and the depth LOVE in these women is phenomenal. Emilee brought us all together & showed us how much of ourselves is simply reflected in each other.


Emilee shared her story with us and all her leanings along the way. She encourages you to discover your own magnificence…wait, I read a line in a book just this morning –“You are a diamond. You are already valuable, brilliant and unique in your own right. Sometimes you need a buff and a polish to bring out that natural brilliance and clarity within yourself.” Evette Rose – Finding Your Own Voice.


Emilee does exactly this – she gently buffs and polishes and helps you see your own unique brilliance. If you’re like me and have been following Emilee for a while – I highly recommend you jump in, sign up for RECLAIM YOUR LIGHT and be prepared to SHINE!

~Kali Bailey

“I was fortunate enough to meet Emilee in person on a leisure trip to California my husband and I took shortly after I finished treatment for ovarian cancer.  We’d originally met on Instagram (where else?!) and I knew she was a special soul who’d play a significant role in my life right off the bat.


Emilee’s vitality and enthusiasm for life is nothing short of inspirational.  The fact she continues to strive to help others, after all the challenges she’s faced herself, seems quite incredible to me.  


Emilee is an encourager, a coach, and a true friend.  She sees the best in you when you can’t see it in yourself.  And she will not stop until you do. I feel honored to write this testimonial for Emilee.  Anyone who has the pleasure of working with her is absolutely blessed!”

~Michele Palmieri Coriale

The Reclaim Your Light Foundational Methodology: Healing From the Inside Out By Rewriting Your Life Story

My coaching work is based on the premise that each of us has a story worth sharing, and that story can help us heal in many areas of our lives.

Your cancer story is the catalyst to transform your relationship to love, work and family. I know how hard the recovery process is because I’ve been living it the past 4 years! 

I created 6 easy lessons to help you change how you see your life and to help you learn to love yourself and your life again. You will have access to all six weeks the moment you sign up, so you can work through the lessons at your own pace.

  • Lesson 1: What’s Your Story
  • Lesson 2: Embracing Your New Life
  • Lesson 3: Getting Clarity
  • Lesson 4: Self Forgiveness: What Do You Want To Let Go Of
  • Lesson 5: Self Acceptance: Recognize Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Lesson 6: Claiming Your Life

Each lesson will help create a shift in your thought patterns and will help give you the strength to make real change happen in your life.

Reclaim Your Light is an ongoing, virtual coaching and mentoring support group and you may join at any time. I have structured this experience in three month chunks of time–after your three months are over, you will have the option to extend your subscription month-to-month for just $39 per month. This makes it easy to stay in the group for as long as you need my support and coaching.

No matter when you join the group you can ask me anything … I’m here to mentor you throughout your healing process! 

In our live calls and on Facebook we have raw and real conversations about what it is like in cancer recovery.

We talk about your needs, wants and desires. 

Nothing is off topic, including sexuality–sex after cancer, hormone changes and feeling shy or ashamed about how your body has changed after treatment and surgery.

Here’s what may come up for you during our time together:

  • Fear of dying or of being abandoned.
  • Fear of intimacy and being loved.
  • Desire to live more authentically and speak your truth.
  • Being true to yourself and your priorities (aka “putting yourself first” once and for all!).
  • Learning how to claim boundaries with your loved ones.
  • Beginning a new career that feels aligned with your life purpose.

You will learn and grow individually and we will shine as a group. We are the Lightbeams who will help uplift the other people around us!

Our light will shine bright. Can’t wait to meet you in that place!

Reclaim Your Light Group Coaching is for women: 

… in any stage of cancer recovery and want personal mentoring at an affordable fee.

… who are ready to move to the next step along the path to creating their new life.

… who desire a loving and supportive community of other women cancer survivors.

This group is not for you If you aren’t committed to making a change, or are not open to moving forward in your new life.

Note: This is not therapy and you will not focus on the past, but rather you’ll spend your precious time moving into your new future. 

This is the perfect group if you’re ready to be the self you’ve always been destined to become!

This group coaching includes:

  • Initial one-on-one complimentary KICKOFF call with me. We will discuss a dedicated plan for you!
  • (1) weekly, live coaching call per week with Emilee over a conference line every Sunday’s at 9:00am Pacific Time. *See your time zone compared to Pacific Time: Click Here
  • Access to a Private Facebook group. Get 24/7 access to your new sisterhood and feel loved up and supported whenever you feel like you’re ready to give up!
  • BONUS videos to help keep you inspired on different healing topics: meditations, clearing space in your home for healing and how to use crystals.
  • Special guests speakers will pop on calls each month (For Subscription Only): an astrology and tarot psychic reader, shaman healer, tapping for anxiety and fear. More to be added throughout the year.

*Private coaching for this group is available upon request at an additional charge.

Reclaim Your Light Group Coaching is $399 for three months. After your first 3 months is done you may extend your subscription month-to-month for just $39 per month!

This is an ongoing mentoring and coaching support group and you are welcome to start at any time from cancer diagnosis to recovery and beyond. 

You’ll always get loving mentorship from me–being a 2x cancer survivor, I know how difficult it is! 

Get powerful community support on those days when you just need to be heard and seen. I make sure that Reclaim Your Light is always a space of non-judgement and unconditional support.


Have questions? Feel free to schedule a 15 minute call with me so you can make sure this is the right fit for you.

Click Here To Schedule!