Be Empowered To Live Life on Your Terms

Boundary Coaching™ with Emilee is designed to empower you with the tools to identify your own needs, set clear boundaries, and feel emboldened to keep them.

As Emilee walks you through each step of the Boundary Coaching™ method, you will gain the confidence and courage to honor yourself and your needs while maintaining healthy boundaries with everyone you interact with, including yourself.

If you grew up with people pleasers or needy friends and families, you may never have seen what genuine healthy boundaries look like! This is your chance to learn to say “No” with grace to the things that deplete you so that you can say “Yes” with enthusiasm to the things that rejuvenate you!

In Boundary Coaching™ you will learn how to:

  • Set healthy boundaries & get your needs met.
  • Build stronger self-respect and deeper self-love by honoring and taking care of your own boundaries.
  • Cultivate more satisfying relationships with family & friends.
  • Open your heart to greater love with a partner, without losing yourself in the process.
  • Take responsibility for your future & forgive your past.
  • Use strong & loving words when someone pushes back on your boundaries.
  • Release people in your life, who are no longer a fit, with grace.
  • Enjoy greater joy, peace, ease & contentment – in every area of your life.

Over 12 weeks, Emilee will lead you through the proven 10-Step Boundary Coaching Method to understand, clarify and express your own needs and desires, and how to protect them from the constant demands surrounding you. You will learn how to accept the short-term discomfort of asserting yourself over the long-term regret of allowing someone to violate your boundaries.

If you …

Give up what you want to make someone else happy…

Do things that make you unhappy or uncomfortable to please someone…

Don’t follow your own dreams & desires because they conflict with someone else’s…

Abandon your exercise goals even though you know they make you feel better…

Binge on cookies, TV or shopping to avoid negative feelings… Engage in risky behavior that puts your health or safety at risk…

…then Boundary Coaching™ with Emilee is the perfect place to begin a new, more empowered way of living where you direct the course of your life and joyfully live on your own terms!

It’s time to ditch “doormat syndrome” and open the door to your heart’s desires.

Before this program I had no idea what a boundary was, I had no idea that I can say NO, that I can have the type of life that I want, that by just being me I am worthy of love … and that being Selfish is healthy. I am so grateful that I learned about boundaries at this time in my life, I know this knowledge has saved me from living a life that is not mine. Before this my self worth was entirely based on making others happy. I’m now in the process of breaking this belief and focusing on what I want and how to stay true to my personal boundaries in a loving way. It is truly life changing.

– Bre Corbin, Pilates Teacher

Hi! I’m Emilee and years ago I had just survived my second round of cancer. I was determined to start leading the life I was destined for. Which sounded great, but I had a lot of cleaning up to do first.

You see, I’d been a doormat for so long; pleasing others, sacrificing my own needs and putting aside my dreams. And deep inside I was full of anger, resentment and shame.

I had to get to the heart of those emotions first to understand why I couldn’t just say “no” when someone seemed to be crossing my boundaries.

I had to learn that THEY weren’t crossing my boundaries—I was! What a surprise.

But I stuck with it and now I’m glad that I did all that work because I can share it with you.

I’m here to guide you through the process and fully support you as you make changes in your life. Nobody can or should do this work alone.

I cannot put a price on what Boundary Coaching has done for me. I went from a fearful feeling where I don’t have control over many aspects of my life to seeing my choices, my limits, and my value. My time with Emilee brought a positive change in me that will last a lifetime.

– Kimberly Gentry, Houston, TX

The 10 step Boundary Coaching Program is designed to take you from “stepped on” to “stepped up” over the course of 12 exciting weeks! 

It’s not an overnight miracle—but it’s definitely a miracle!

You’ll learn to own that it’s you that has crossed your own boundaries.

Don’t worry—this isn’t victim blaming! Every behavior you’ve learned served you well at one time in your life. If you grew up in a household where speaking up or standing your ground wasn’t rewarded—or worse yet, punished—you learned that the best way to get along was to be a people pleaser. You did what you needed to do to survive.

Now it’s YOUR time to thrive.

Boundary coaching helps you examine why you adopted those behaviors— and finally ditch them now that they are getting in your way!

Each week we’ll check in with your emotions, dig deep into your patterns and set up practical plans for tackling your biggest challenges.

We’ll talk about your…

  • Fears…and which ones are real versus left over from your past experiences
  • Core Beliefs…and how to adapt them to serve you today
  • Dreams…and how to overcome obstacles to reach them

It’s never too late to start setting boundaries—and keeping them!

When you sign up for Boundary Coaching you will have 12 guided calls with me. We leave a few extra calls to make sure the journey is complete.

You’ll set yourself up—and those around you—for healthier, more meaningful relationships.

Let’s Get Started!