Feeling radiant and empowered.

Living a life of purpose, meaning and abundance.

Having the support you need to stay on track with your true priorities.

You can make this a reality starting NOW.

Choose your first step to move from stuck to spectacular!

Do you feel like a doormat at the end of the day …

When your boss always asks you to do just this one last thing … without more pay or even gratitude?

When your kids refuse to do their chores and homework and talk back when you ask them nicely?

When your significant other makes plans without consulting you and just expects you to give up plans you’ve already had?

When you plan to work out in the morning and your friend/child/spouse begs you to do something they really need and you decide to skip out on your time?

If you consistently say yes when you mean no and feel selfish putting yourself first or asking for what you need, then you are truly stuck in a repeating cycle of self destructive patterns.

With this workbook, Emilee helps you become aware of your self-sabotaging, people pleasing habits so you can begin to embody your empowered future as a Boundary Badass!