My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to Thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style  ~ Maya Angelou


Heal & Thrive Coaching for Cancer Survivors

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer, it will have been the toughest news you ever have to hear. 

You’ll feel overwhelmed and lost. Of course you will – it’s game-changing news that almost feels surreal. Nothing in life prepares you to hear that. How could it?

You might be going through the treatment process already, or maybe it’s about to begin. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure; this journey is going to be so much easier if you can lean on the support of people who have already tackled the big “C”.

Having your own personal, dedicated guide who really understands the journey you’re on helps you flip the script. By leaning on someone who really and truly understands the pain you’re suffering, you can quickly put yourself in a place that makes recovery much easier. 

I always tell people, “Cancer saved my life.” They’re so surprised to hear this!

Cancer led me to a place of being able to help other people who are suffering themselves. What I went through is what you are about to go through. For me though, there wasn’t anyone in my corner to lean on. To understand what I was going through. 

I wanted to become the person I wish I had. Someone to rely on, to open up to, to share with and confide in. I know if I had that, my journey would’ve been a million times easier.

And that is what I want for you. 

Together, side by side, we’ll talk about important thoughts and feelings you’ll be experiencing right now. Thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough’ and ‘Who will love me when I have Cancer?’ Feelings of anger and resentment at the world are natural when you experience something as devastating as cancer. It’s okay to feel this way. 

What’s not okay is allowing these feelings to simmer and make you feel worse than you already do. It’s absolutely crucial that we work together to make you feel as good as you can so you can put all of your energy into a more consciously aware recovery. 

More than that, we’ll talk about anything and everything you need or want to. We never know in advance how we’re going to feel on any given day, so I’ll be there, ready to work with you on any challenge that you’re facing at the moment. 

Each week for 12 weeks you will be able to show up to our call with all your questions, concerns and feelings, knowing that you will have full, unequivocal support and 100% confidentiality.

There is nothing better than having a coach who has walked in your shoes. Someone who has felt what you feel, thought the same thoughts and faced the same challenges. 

You probably feel a little bit lost at the moment, and your head will be all over the place. Rest assured, however, that moving forward this feeling of not knowing what to do and how to think/feel will be gone sooner than you imagine.

That’s what I’m here for and I’m excited to help you get into the best mindspace possible in the coming weeks!

Here are a few of the things we’ll cover:

  • Where you are in life right now – how you’re feeling, where you want to go and the things that are holding you back
  • Triggers – the events or circumstances that make you feel a certain way, and what we can do about it
  • Mindset training – How the strongest minded people on the planet overcome hardship, struggle and get out of their own way
  • Shadow beliefs – a deep dive into your subconscious beliefs, how they affect you and what we can do to change them.. So you can be happy and healthy again.

Coaching Payment Options:

Option 1: Full Pay $2,400

Option 2: (3) Monthly Payments $833.00

How Emilee’s Work Has Changed Lives!

  • I love Emilee... She changed my life and I will always be so grateful!

  • Thank you so much Emilee for taking me under your wing and guiding me on how to break old sabotaging cycles. I am so grateful to be on this journey, it’s hard work that’s for sure, but after doing this big step I know next time and every time after it will just keep getting easier and easier!

    Breanna, USA
  • I found Emilee through a social media post about cancer. Although I have never had cancer, her positivity resonated with me, so I reached out to her. I cannot put a price on what Boundary Coaching has done for me. I went from a fearful feeling where I don’t have control over many aspects of my life to seeing my choices, my limits , and my value.  My time with Emilee brought a positive change in me that will last a lifetime.

    Kimberly Gentry