Are you ready to reinvent your life? I can’t wait to be your guide on this journey of healing and self-acceptance!

Reinvent Your Life Coaching 

For some time now, you’ve heard the voice inside you calling you toward your own personal transformation. This is the time!

Whether it’s the pandemic, a personal crisis or simply a whisper inside reminding you that there must be more . . . you’ve been contemplating a change but aren’t sure if you’re really ready.

You’ve spent hours daydreaming about the life you could have. But there’s always something holding you back from making a change. Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s your responsibilities that hold you back. Maybe it’s self-doubt.

But you can be sure of one thing: whatever it is, we’ll find it. We’ll analyze it, accept it, tear it apart and kick it to the curb.

I was able to reinvent my life after cancer and a divorce. It was a horrific time, and it seemed like I was never going to live the life I always dreamt of. 

The funny thing is, once I was taught how to make change happen, I never looked back. My life was never the same again. And if there was one promise I could make to you, it’s this:

If I could do it, there isn’t a single reason in the world why you can’t do it too!

With Reinvent Your Life Coaching, get ready to …

  • Bid a fond farewell to feeling stuck as you shift into a woman who feels free, powerful, purposeful and fulfilled as you own your voice and step into confidence.
  • Release self-sabotaging, toxic behaviors and relationships that are draining your life force with grace so you can feel vibrant, lit-up, and ready to be the creator of your own reality.
  • Clear the fear, pain, and drama around what you’re meant to be doing with your precious life and get a clear roadmap on who you are, why you’re here, and what you’re meant to be doing.

Each week we will dive into these areas:

Week 1: Vision If we want change to occur, first we need to have a clear vision of where we want to go. Then we need to be willing to make different choices and take different actions. This is how we’ll create change. 

During this session we’ll be getting on the same map together so you have clarity around your vision – where you want to go. It’s all about your own desire plus who and how you want to be.

Week 2: Calibration– During this session we will discuss incompletions. Incompletions are unfinished business, loose ends, neglected responsibilities, half-baked projects and overlooked arrangements. 

In the external world, incompletions can show up as broken agreements, clutter, half-completed projects, old files, incomplete to-do lists, clothes that don’t fit, anything lying around that we’ve literally and metaphorically outgrown. 

We also have incompletions in our internal world.  Incompletions can show up internally in our thoughts and emotions. They show up as grudges, resentments, strained relationships, old traumas.

Incompletions are the stuff we’re still carrying with us that we have not put to rest. We often allow our incompletions to drain us or use them to beat ourselves up.

Week 3: Beliefs- Our choices and our actions are driven, powerfully, by the stories we tell ourselves about the world, about other people, and about ourselves. In this session, we’ll be working with what we make things mean, the stories that become the foundation for our beliefs. These stories can serve us or sabotage us. 

Week 4: Self Worth- Hand-in-hand with self-worth, comes a dose of healthy selfishness. Most of us spend all our time running around pleasing others, and this doesn’t help us create the change we most desire. In this session we will be exploring the ways you prove and earn your worth, value and external validation to further tie in how what we believe about ourselves is magnetic. 

Week 5: Boundaries– We’ll be exploring how setting and maintaining boundaries will support you in creating a life with the vision for your reinvention at the center. You’ll learn to discover and dissolve whatever stands in the way of making yourself a priority.

Week 6: Choice– If we don’t make a different choice, our future arrives looking very much like our present and our past. So even if our present is great, the future can be even more great. And we want to open up to the expansion of being able to receive – and be receptive to even more.

So, there is a great power in being able to make different choices. Your present moment choice is the crystal ball. Your present moment choice predicts your future. We all want to know what the future holds, and the truth is, we have tremendous power over our future based on the choices that we make and the actions that we take. 

Every single choice we make does one of two things. It serves our vision for our reinvention, or it sabotages our vision for our reinvention. That’s it. One or the other. Every choice, every action serves or sabotages, and we want to be taking the actions that serve and move us in the direction of our desire. 

Week 7: Self Confidence– In order to reinvent our lives, in order to create lasting 

change, we need to have confidence in ourselves. We have to be able to trust ourselves. But here’s what’s tricky – to get through life, we occupy roles, we create and maintain personas, we contort ourselves to make ourselves acceptable to others. We get attached to the armor we develop to protect ourselves.

When we live life this way, instead of focusing on our reinvention, we direct our energy, attention, and efforts at trying to manage ourselves, our relationships, and the way people perceive us. We spend tremendous time and energy to construct an identity, a persona, and to present it to the world.  

Many of us do this automatically. We’re conditioned to believe that we have to hide some part of ourselves in order to be loved and accepted. During this session we will cover your disowned qualities and learn how you can reclaim them. There is a gift in the qualities that you say you don’t want to be. 

Week 8: Visibility- In this session we’ll be working with Visibility. Allowing ourselves to be seen for the truth of who we are, without tamping ourselves down or packaging ourselves to be digestible to anyone else. Without hiding out inside or behind our beliefs, roles, personas, images that hold us back, and shining our light.

What you get in this immersive, 8-week Program:

  • 8 x 1 Hour One-on-One Coaching Sessions With Emilee over Zoom.
  • Follow Along Coaching Workbook With Tools & Journaling Questions.
  • 8 Weeks of Email Access To Ask Questions & Get Support In Between Coaching Sessions.

Coaching Payment Options:

Option 1: Full Pay $1,600 (Save $100)

Option 2: (2) Monthly Payments $850.00

I can’t wait to support you and see YOU shine!

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How Emilee’s Work Has Changed Lives!

  • I love Emilee... She changed my life and I will always be so grateful!

  • Thank you so much Emilee for taking me under your wing and guiding me on how to break old sabotaging cycles. I am so grateful to be on this journey, it’s hard work that’s for sure, but after doing this big step I know next time and every time after it will just keep getting easier and easier!

    Breanna, USA
  • I found Emilee through a social media post about cancer. Although I have never had cancer, her positivity resonated with me, so I reached out to her. I cannot put a price on what Boundary Coaching has done for me. I went from a fearful feeling where I don’t have control over many aspects of my life to seeing my choices, my limits , and my value.  My time with Emilee brought a positive change in me that will last a lifetime.

    Kimberly Gentry