Reclaim Your Light

Individual Coaching With Emilee Garfield…

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Has your body and mind betrayed you?

Or is it simply crying out for the love you never knew you deserved—the love of YOU.

Change your story and Reclaim Your Light…

Reclaim Your Light  gently uncovers your darkness to reveal the light and love that it takes to heal.

Your personal history casts a shadow across your life. My darkness descended when I was only five and my father committed suicide. I internalized the message that I was unlovable which translated into years of self-sabotage and sacrificing my basic needs for others. I needed a roadmap and support to change the inner narrative that constantly whispered “you are not enough.”

Cancer shakes us to our core. Divorce, failures, transitions—they all leave us vulnerable and broken but also open to healing the old wounds that caused us longtime suffering.  Reclaim Your Light  starts by acknowledging and accepting that darkness in order to step out of it into the brilliance that is you.

When we invest time and resources in ourselves we learn not to follow the negative voices that call out from the past but to forge our own path into the future.

This three-month self-discovery journey, based on the work of my mentor, Dr. David Kreugar, builds your 7-step road map to Live a New Life Story™  for a better, brighter you. Based solidly in  neuroscience  and psychology, and paired with strategic coaching,  Reclaim Your Light  guides you out of your own shadow.

Are you ready to invest in you?

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  • I'm so glad I decided to participate in Emilee's 1st Reclaim Your Light. I had wondered - Is this right for me? Do I need it now? I decided if I was asking those questions, the answer must be Yes.

    Emilee's approach to coaching is refreshing & provides new ways to look at how to approach things I'm dealing with. I appreciated the combination of insightful videos, thought provoking questions to consider for our selves, & the opportunity to work through things within a small group. Her positive approach & life experience combined to help me identify ways to move forward. I got a lot out of the sessions, enjoyed the interactions, and found it helpful in ways I hadn't expected.

    Deirdre Holder
  • I loved this group program! The weekly calls were very special and felt like a safe space where I was understood.

    I would definitely recommend this to a friend and know the tools and deep talks we had could help ANYONE get through something hard – not just cancer patients.”