The day we realize we’re the author of our own stories is the day we transform from powerless to powerful…

When we write a new story- and change our minds – we rewire our brains.

True Story: After I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer and then served divorce papers, I remember sitting on my couch curled up in a ball feeling like life couldn’t get any worse. I’d become the victim of my own story. There I was, blaming everyone and everything around me for what was happening in my life. 

One day in a therapy session, I cried so much that I almost got angry at myself. I couldn’t continue like this. If this carries on, where will I be in a year from now? How bad am I going to let it get? I had nowhere to turn, no plan, and no idea how I was going to drag myself out of this rut. It was scary stuff. 

At the time, there was no faith in my life, no spirituality. I was riding solo trying to figure it all out. Not so long after, I came across an email in my inbox and something about it struck me. It was a gift that said ‘New Life Story Coaching.’

I took the plunge. I mean, what did I have to lose? 

In a few words, I can sum it up like this; that email flipped the entire trajectory of my life. Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be or what my life would look like if I hadn’t stumbled across that email that day. It changed everything for me. 

And now I want the coaching I received to have the same life-altering effect on you. That’s my hope for you – to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

New Life Story® Coaching is a science-backed method for identifying your personal story, and changing that story if you feel like your life doesn’t match the vision you have in your mind. 

You can’t change what you don’t recognize – we all know that. 

And the first step to change is owning your story. Accept it for what it is, and then we can work on making the story one worth telling.

What is the story you want to change?

Are you living in an unhappy and toxic relationship telling yourself that you can’t live another day like this? If you answered yes, this is for you!

Are you discontent with your job? Or your weight? Maybe your social life isn’t what you want it to be, or you aren’t happy and cheerful like you used to be. If you answered YES to any of these, this is for you too!

Whatever your situation is, there’s a deeper message that creates your story, and we’ll uncover it together. 

New Life Story® Coaching will uncover the surface story and the unconscious story – this is where the magic starts to happen. Why? Well, when we fully realize what got you here, why your life is the way it is, we can take the steps required to make the changes you’re hoping for.

This program is designed for women who want to go deeper into neuroscience and brain behavior. This is deeply sensitive yet very powerful stuff. If you’re willing to face the music and tackle the root-causes of your situation, your life will change forever. 

New Life Coaching Program is a 6 month program where you live out seven steps of the Live A New Life Story®Roadmap program to effectively facilitate significant life change:

Recognize the authorship of your life story

Own Your Present Story

Assess the storylines and plot

Decide what to keep, enhance, let go, and avoid

Map changes

Author New Experiences

Program new identity to incorporate and sustain the change

Each week, we’ll have a 60 minute Zoom call together where we’ll deep-dive into everything you’ve been applying. We’ll look at your actions, your results and more importantly … we’ll tackle the trials and tribulations you’re facing head on!