Quantum Living

A 6 Week Journey To Uncover Your Triggers & Rewrite Your Story

You have a story inside you waiting to be healed, that originated from your childhood wounds.

This is your call, a chance to be heard and seen without judgment or shame around your story. There is a reason why you landed on this page. Your heart is calling for healing and I am so happy you are here. 

Your healing journey will unfold in a 6 week learning lab that will take you step-by-step into the Quantum Living process.

Imagine what your life will be like when …


❤️ You wake up being able to nurture and self-soothe your deepest hurt, freeing you from anxiety, self-doubt and self-criticism.

❤️ You are aware of your internal and external triggers but do not react in a way that makes you feel embarrassed or regretful.

❤️ You are finally aware of the beliefs behind your feelings of low self-worth and are able to give yourself the compassion that you deserve. 

❤️ You believe in your heart that YOU matter and have a community of other women like you who understand what you’re going through who can support and cheer you on.

❤️ You possess the self-assurance that empowers you to live the life that has been calling you for so long.

When you undergo any life-changing trauma, whether it’s divorce, a life-threatening disease like cancer, or loss of a job, a friendship, a loved one, or family dysfunction … there’s a shadow story that is unconsciously created in our mind. And we always believe our story.

I once was my own worst enemy and that is why I am so devoted to helping you through The Quantum Living Process of shifting your story so you can step into who you’ve come here to be. This is a 6 week healing journey where you will learn how to identify your triggers. You know those things that make you feel angry, irritated, annoyed, ashamed, jealous, overwhelmed, regretful, resentful, heartbroken, hurt, lonely and sad.

We can’t heal what we don’t feel.

Who is this for?

This is for women who are in a vicious cycle of self-criticism. I know you, because I am you. Once I was able to identify my triggers, my old stories and limiting beliefs, I was able to rewrite my story and heal my pain. 

This is possible for you, too. You’ll be able to understand why you have not been able to give yourself compassion. Inside of you is a little girl (she’s your inner child) and she is waiting for you to hold her, nurture her and allow her to share her truth. 

Once I was able to access the story of my inner child, I was able to see my life and my future in a new empowering way.

Life may feel like the enemy at times, but when you learn the qualities of who you have come here to be (I’ll teach you how to discover this) you will be able to embrace and embody the feeling of self-love and compassion. You will shift from discomfort to compassion for yourself and others. 

It is time to take back your power and learn how to meet your own needs before tending to everyone else’s!

Wave Particle

Imagine making peace with your past and in three months, six months and one year from now feeling more calm, less anxious, depressed and overwhelmed.

You react in a different way when you feel triggered because you know who you are! 

You are that woman who is calm, trusting, understanding and compassionate. 

You are the woman you have come here to be with confidence!

You Will:

❤️ Be unstoppable

❤️ Feel seen, heard and no longer feel invisible

❤️ Learn how to appreciate your discomfort as a mirror to your unmet needs for healing. 

I’m Emilee, a Certified Quantum Living Facilitator and licensed New Life Story Coach. I help women identify their triggers and unmet needs so that they can heal their old story and step into a new life story.

The Aware-Apy process that you’ll work with is not “therapy,” but it is immensely powerful. 

With Aware-Apy you become highly conscious of your thoughts, emotions, feelings and reactions to certain events or people in your life. You will work on triggers so you can learn tools to react in a more calm and compassionate way with yourself and others.

What is Quantum Living?

Dreaming of Inner Lines

The transformational 21-day Quantum Living Process weaves together the latest research emerging from neurobiology, developmental psychology, quantum theory, the science of the heart, shadow formation, somatic intelligence, memory reconsolidation, self-compassion, the power of myth and story along with transpersonal wisdom to offer a powerful path to personal evolutionary transformation.

I will teach you the Quantum Living self-regulation tools along with “aware-apy” exercises and techniques designed to reduce anxiety, foster a raised degree of self-awareness, emotional resilience, and the ability for increased self-fulfillment as well as embodying positive change.

21- Day Quantum Living Journey

During this six week transformative program I will guide you through moments of triggering and emotional breakthroughs, supporting you and being a compassionate witness to your growth.

My mission as your Transformational Life Coach is to help you have compassion for yourself and others every time you feel misunderstood, judged or shut down. 

It’s my joy and life purpose to serve you in the highest form possible and help you believe in your own ability to transform your life.

The Quantum Living Curriculum

Quantum Lab: During our first three weeks together we’ll explore all about the science behind the Quantum Living Method and how the brain works.

Phase One: During the fourth week you’ll walk away knowing how to work with an External Trigger – this is something that transpires between you and the outside world. You’ll recognize the trigger, name the feelings and shadow thoughts.

Phase Two: During the fifth week you’ll learn how to work with an Internal Trigger – this is something that transpires between you and your inner world. You’ll recognize the trigger, name the feelings and shadow thoughts.

Phase Three: During the sixth and final week you’ll recall past wounds from childhood that have woven through your current triggers. ​​You’ll allow yourself to release the old story and release the childhood experiences hold over you.

About The 21-Day Quantum Living Process

Each phase includes multiple worksheets that I will personally coach you through each week. I will be beside you every step of the way as you make critical breakthroughs, smashing old self-sabotaging beliefs & behaviors!

Benefits of the Quantum Coaching Program include:

❤️ Knowing the difference between feelings, thoughts, and faux feelings.

❤️ Learning how to become heart-centered and take authentic action.

❤️ Identifying your needs and how to meet them.

❤️ Discovering what false beliefs are under your feelings/shadow thoughts.

❤️ Giving yourself some much deserved self-compassion.

About Me…


Hi, I’m Emilee Garfield. A few years after my cancer diagnosis and still finding myself triggered by doctor appointments, cat scans, divorce drama and financial stress, I came across a training that literally had my jaw dropping––the Quantum Living Process! I wished I had found this training earlier–it would have helped me heal a lot of my emotional anger, sadness and hurt. 

Honestly, before I took this training I did not know who I was. This training and course helped me heal my past and step into my power and the woman I was meant to be. Today, I dedicate my life to helping women turn their past pain into purpose by healing the old story that lives within.

A Message From Rebecca…


What is more peace in your life worth to you?

What is the cost of you staying stuck living in a story that is holding you back and robbing you of peace, freedom, self-worth and joy?

If you devote yourself to this process 100%, you will feel measurably better in 6 weeks and have the tools to continue living with calm, courage, heart and authenticity.

This process is priceless, transformational and life changing!

Quantum Coaching Private Package: $1,697

(This package includes 2 bonus sessions of private coaching with Emilee)