Reinvent Your Life Group Coaching 

If you just asked yourself, “Can I really reinvent my life while I’m living with cancer?” Then this is PERFECT for you.  

I can’t wait to be your guide on this journey of healing, self-love and self-acceptance!

The healing journey is not easy. I know because I’ve walked in your shoes.

What I do know is that it is easier having someone there to talk to and someone there to push you to do the things that you said you’ve always wanted to do. The time is now. No more waiting until the day you are told you’re cancer free. 

For many women, this day never comes. 

Today is the day you reclaim your life! TODAY, in this moment. 

For the next 3 months you will shift your mindset to focus on the present. You will not be in the mindset of constantly worrying about your future. You will create the future you want and start living it.

That means you get to start REINVENTING your life today!

It’s time to jump out of the cancer victim story and into the empowered cancer thriver (or whatever term you choose to use). 

YOU get to choose how you want to start living your life … and yes, even if you still have cancer.

For some time now, you’ve heard the voice inside calling you toward your own personal transformation. 

You have always wanted to do something, but you were too afraid. Not anymore. Not after you spend the next 3 months with me. 

You’ve spent hours daydreaming about the life you could have and start comparing your life to other cancer survivors. Maybe you ask yourself how did they get there and how did they find happiness again. But there’s always something holding you back from making a change. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s your obligations. Maybe it’s self-doubt.

But you can be sure of one thing: whatever it is, we’ll find it. We’ll analyze it, accept it, tear it apart and kick it to the curb.

I was able to reinvent my life after cancer and a divorce. It was a horrific time, and it seemed like I was never going to live the joyful life I always dreamt of. 

The funny thing is, once I was taught how to make change happen, I never looked back. My life was never the same again. And if there was one promise I could make to you, it’s this:

If I could do it, there isn’t a single reason in the world why you can’t do it too!

With Reinvent Your Life Coaching, get ready to …

  • Bid a fond farewell to feeling stuck as you shift into a woman who feels free, powerful, purposeful and fulfilled as you own your voice and step into confidence regardless of where you are in the cancer journey.

  • Release self-sabotaging, toxic behaviors and relationships that are draining your life force so that you can take care of yourself and start living in the moment.

  • Clear the fear, pain, and drama around what you’re meant to be doing with your precious life. 

Life is short, as we know it.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed for anyone. 

Spend the next 3 months giving yourself this gift of HOPE!

You never know how the story will end, so why not start creating the happy ending to your future life.

PS. There is research that shows that the emotional body and physical body are closely connected. I consider this work emotional healing. When you focus on the bad and NOT surviving, what good does that do to your mindset? It is toxic. It is like putting more cancer into your brain. Together we will uncover some of your limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in fear.

Ask yourself this question….

What does life look like if you continue to live in fear, doubt and worry?

Does that seem like a good quality of life for you?

You can change your QOL (quality of life) today when you decide that you are worth it. 

Course Fee: $597

Space is limited. So join the waitlist now!

Reinvent Your Life Group Coaching Start Date TBA Soon!

How Emilee’s Work Has Changed Lives!

  • I love Emilee... She changed my life and I will always be so grateful!

  • Thank you so much Emilee for taking me under your wing and guiding me on how to break old sabotaging cycles. I am so grateful to be on this journey, it’s hard work that’s for sure, but after doing this big step I know next time and every time after it will just keep getting easier and easier!

    Breanna, USA
  • I found Emilee through a social media post about cancer. Although I have never had cancer, her positivity resonated with me, so I reached out to her. I cannot put a price on what Boundary Coaching has done for me. I went from a fearful feeling where I don’t have control over many aspects of my life to seeing my choices, my limits , and my value.  My time with Emilee brought a positive change in me that will last a lifetime.

    Kimberly Gentry