Find Strength & Hope After Cancer

Individual Coaching for Women Recovering from Ovarian, Pelvic and Abdominal Cancer

It’s Time to Write A New Life Story.

It was no small task – beating cancer. The surgery(ies), chemotherapy, hormones and radiation were just the start – not to mention the incapacitating weakness, physical disabilities and the scars.

But you’re one of the lucky ones, you tell yourself. You’re a survivor!

And while it feels good to know that cancer is behind you – you still feel disoriented, a little lost and to be honest – angry and scared. Why the hell did you have to go through all of this?

You got used to the appointments, the steady stream of doctors and the tests, and now they are all gone. It’s like you are supposed to return back to the life you once had – but that doesn’t feel like it even exists anymore.

You’ve gone to therapy, but it doesn’t feel like it’s really helping.

So, how do you move on? Especially when you still feel scared, you’re covered with scars and have no idea what the pages of your life look like without cancer.

Cancer has a way of taking over the story of your life.

It can also be a catalyst for living the most truthful, authentic life you can live.

Discover how you can use cancer to write a new life story – one step at a time.

Coaching Praise!

“I am blessed to know Emilee Garfield. She has been an inspirational patient in so many ways. She has demonstrated courage, optimism, and humor during bleak times. Her grit and flexibility directed her through a true storm of life.  This determination and bravery motivates all her providers and will continue to push anyone she meets to a better self.  Emilee gives hope with her motivation, perseverance, and dedication to living a healthy lifestyle despite tremendous adversity. Thank you for reminding me to NEVER QUIT!″

-Alex Rogers, MD

A Custom Coaching Program to Take Your Power and Your Life Back!

It seems inconceivable, but when you take back the reins of your life, cancer can become the greatest tool to live an incredible life.

I know that it might seem impossible, but I promise that if I was able to use my physical pain and deep emotional scars to free myself – I know you can too!

During my coaching program, you’ll release the fears, anxiety and pain so you can dream big and start your life again. We’ll explore some of the deepest questions and concerns you have now and show you how to take back your life – step by step.

We will meet via Zoom video conferencing and you’ll receive live coaching with me one-on-one. Instead of feeling alone and isolated, you’ll have a safe place to share, get connected and receive the support you need to reclaim yourself and your life.

When you begin coaching with me you will:

  • Discover you’re stronger than you think you are.
  • Have the confidence to do more than you think you can.
  • Adopt a new mindset to overcome physical limitations and mental roadblocks.
  • Be present in your own body.
  • Feel more connected to what you need and will ask for it!
  • Wake up with renewed motivation for your specific body.
  • Move from fear of pain to coming home in your body with a new identity.
  • Get past the body shame and your frustration with the limitations and the frustrations of your body after cancer.
  • Learn to honor and love your body, maybe for the first time.

When you have completed this coaching, you will be ready to take on the world in a whole new way. With ongoing support, you will dismantle the beliefs or habits that get in the way of having an incredible life!

Personalized, one-on-one coaching can help you change your life story and embrace cancer as the catalyst to an incredible life.

One-On-One Coaching Programs begins at $800/month and Group Coaching Begins at $299.00

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“Emilee has written a book that is perfect for all patients undergoing abdominal or pelvic surgery. Through her own experience, she has realized that recovery from surgery is not a race but a journey.

She embodies mind, body and spirit to a successful restoration of excellent health. Emilee elicits safe and dependable mental and physical exercises for a solid core recovery.

I will recommend this book to all my patients.”


“As a gynecological surgeon, I know that this isn’t easy territory. Surgery, recovery in a hospital and then the cancer treatments can all conspire to rob women of any sense of control over their bodies.

Emilee shows women how to rebuild, refocus and emerge stronger in a truly gentle and caring way. Her exercises are safe, gradual steps that women can do from their hospital bed to their own bedrooms to build endurance, confidence and strength. It’s progress, not perfection, and Emilee’s book is there at your side along the journey to feeling whole again.

I whole heartedly endorse Emilee’s cancer recovery program and her spirit embodied in this unique method for women.”

-Ilana Cass, Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gynecologic Oncology, Cedars Sinai Medical Center