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Coaching with   Emilee…


Coaching with   Emilee…

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New Life Story® Coaching

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If you feel trapped by your past and paralyzed by fear, depression or self-sabotage, this is the program for you!

The goal of this program is to uplift you, release you, and create lasting change for the better.

Changing your mind about your history and experiences literally changes how your brain functions. When we re-examine our past and retell it through a new lens, we release the negative beliefs that hold us back and open up to a future based on a better story than the one we believed was true.

Over 12 weeks, you will follow the proven roadmap of the New Life Story®Coaching to articulate, accept and evolve your old story, and rewrite a new one that better fits your life goals. With compassion and truth, I will guide you using the structure and accountability of workbook exercises, assessment tools, guides and quizzes that I’ll assign to you based on your own personal journey.

Recognize that you are the author of your own story and open up to growth and change through personal story ownership with New Life Story®Coaching.

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Boundary Coaching for Self-Love

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If you feel strung-out, under-appreciated and over-extended because you just couldn’t say no, this is the course for you!

The goal of this program is to empower you with the tools to identify your own needs, set clear boundaries, and feel emboldened to keep them.

Boundary coaching gives you the confidence and courage to honor yourself and your needs while maintaining healthy boundaries with everyone you interact with. If you grew up with people pleasers or needy friends and families, you may never have seen what genuine healthy boundaries look like! This is your chance to learn to say “No” with grace to the things that deplete you so that you can say “Yes” with enthusiasm to the things that rejuvenate you!

Over 12 weeks, you will follow the 10-step Boundary Coaching™ Method to understand, clarify and express your own needs and desires, and how to protect them from the constant demands surrounding you. You will learn how to accept the short-term discomfort of asserting yourself over the long-term regret of allowing someone to violate your boundaries.

Build a framework of respect and care for your own needs with the same level of kindness and concern you extend to others with Boundary Coaching™ for Self-Love.

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In your no-obligation free consult, we will assess if this coaching program is best for you…

Reclaim Your Strength & Hope

Group Coaching For Cancer Survivors

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Do you want to Reclaim Your Strength & Hope® after cancer shattered your dreams? This is the course that gives you the framework, stability and support for healing.

The goal of this course is supporting you in recreating your life while providing concrete rebuilding goals and activities at any stage, post-cancer diagnosis.

A cancer diagnosis is physical, spiritual—and sometimes overwhelming. Even when you’re ready to move forward, the restraints of “Cancer” can feel like your only identity. But Reclaim Your Strength & Hope® breaks those chains!

Drawing on my 20+ years in the health & wellness space, I’ve designed a holistic approach to survive and thrive both during and after cancer.  I’ll lead you back to mind/body wholeness while surrounding you with a supportive group of women at all stages of the same journey.

You’ll start with a welcome call with me to jump start the program. Then you’ll join the weekly group coaching sessions that meet every Sunday at 9:00am pacific standard time.

Discover your resiliency and spiritual power through guided coaching specifically for women with cancer diagnoses with Reclaim Your Strength & Hope®.

 Your 3 month $399 transformation includes:

  • Individual welcome call to help get you started.
  • Sunday @9:00am-10am PST group coaching calls including lessons to encourage, support and overcome challenges.

Plus unlimited access to:

  • Exclusive private Facebook group of women on the same transformative journey.
  • 6 Self-paced guided coaching modules.

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