Hi, I’m Emilee.

I teach movement as medicine, helping cancer survivors safely rehabilitate their body after cancer surgery and heal feelings of self-doubt, body shame & feelings of not being good enough.

If you are going through a major life change, like divorce, healing from Cancer or the loss of a career, I can help you rebuild the foundations of your life. I’m here to remind you that you have the power to write a new life story–and then LIVE it!

Are  You Sabotaging Your Own Boundaries?

If you consistently say “YES” when you mean “NO” … and feel selfish putting yourself first or asking for what you need, then you are truly stuck in a repeating cycle of self destructive patterns.

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I’ve walked a mile or two in your shoes and have experienced the same self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt holding you back from living in joy and vitality.

Am I worthy of love … respect …. happiness?

First, let me tell you this:

You don’t have to go through another traumatic life event alone. 

Maybe you’re a people-pleaser like I was. Or, stoically moving through life trying to prove your worthiness to yourself and others. 

You probably have zero boundaries because you’re afraid of losing the people around you.

Whether you are recovering from a life-threatening disease like Cancer, or going through a divorce … or even suffering alone feeling ashamed for living out of integrity, you are WORTHY of love.

I repeat: You are worthy of love.

Reclaim your sense of self & begin to truly live the life you know you in your heart you are destined to live.

It’s time to make yourself a priority!

3 Month Boundary® Coaching: 1-1 Coaching to empower you with the tools to identify your own needs, set clear boundaries, and confidently move forward into the future.

Program Coaching Details:

  • Gain self-worth by stopping negative patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Start believing in yourself again
  • Start looking inward for self-love and compassion
  • Stop sabotaging yourself because of fear and shame
  • Find out why you have patterns you can’t change and how to transform them
  • Finally get your true self back
  • Feel alive again

How Emilee’s Work Has Changed Lives!

  • I love Emilee... She changed my life and I will always be so grateful!

  • Thank you so much Emilee for taking me under your wing and guiding me on how to break old sabotaging cycles. I am so grateful to be on this journey, it’s hard work that’s for sure, but after doing this big step I know next time and every time after it will just keep getting easier and easier!

    Breanna, USA
  • I found Emilee through a social media post about cancer. Although I have never had cancer, her positivity resonated with me, so I reached out to her. I cannot put a price on what Boundary Coaching has done for me. I went from a fearful feeling where I don’t have control over many aspects of my life to seeing my choices, my limits , and my value.  My time with Emilee brought a positive change in me that will last a lifetime.

    Kimberly Gentry

Alysia Smith

I just had to write you and tell you how much you meant to me and how much you taught me… As I came home early last night because I was tired it hit me that I’m finally taking care of myself first…This boundaries has really changed my life and I feel like I’m so grounded and so happy for the first time in my life… And I am just so grateful to you and wanted to thank you .. love you heart

The most empowered version of yourself is just one step away!

I’ve faced cancer twice in my life – once as a child and again at the age of 39. Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer showed me not only how strong I am, but that I am here to empower other women to heal, strengthen and fall in love with themselves again.

Group Coaching For Cancer Survivors Includes:

  • 3 Months of Weekly Live Group Sessions.
  • Sunday calls including lessons to encourage, support and overcome challenges.
  • Self-paced online guided coaching modules.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and shared with those you love, who love you for YOU.

3 Month Write A New Life Story® Coaching: Rewrite Your Story & Become The Leading Lady of Your Own Life Again.

Program Coaching Details:

  • Love & Respect Yourself Again By Setting and Keeping Healthy Boundaries
  • Feel Strong In Body-Mind-Soul
  • Reclaim Your Self-Love & Self-Worth
  • Empower Yourself To Live Boldly & Full-On
  • Speak Your Truth With Confidence

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Are you’re tired of feeling pulled in a thousand directions –sacrificing your own needs for everyone else’s?