I get really vulnerable in this interview.

I am SO excited to share something with you that feels tender and vulnerable.

Nancy Levin, who is one of the top coaches (and my personal guru) in the self help world, interviewed me recently. To follow is what she had to say after our interview. This means so much coming from someone who has mentored with Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay!

“Emilee has taught us that life is short and EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you shift your mindset and set actionable goals. Over the past four years, Emilee has written and published her first book, launched an online course and coaching business, and now is working on her second book and …her TED talk.”

At first, I couldn’t believe Nancy was talking about me!

Can I tell you why I couldn’t believe it? It’s because my old story went something like this:

“I am not good enough. I do not matter.”

I buried that story deep into my unconscious because it was too painful to bear sometimes.

My new story is being rewritten everyday and I’m excited about the possibility of helping you create your new life story, too.

I have received so many messages from women, and even men, telling me how my story has inspired them. And, it’s not even really about my cancer story. That’s in there of course, but it goes much deeper. It really goes into why I say, “Cancer saved my life.” I don’t hold anything back!

If you have ever felt alone in this world and hopeless, please watch this interview and you will see that transformation is possible when you put yourself first and commit to doing the work.

You can watch my interview with professional coach Nancy Levin by clicking the image below.

I have been working with life coaches and healers on my self love journey over the past seven years, but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer that I DECIDED to take my power back and create a new life for myself, on my terms.

Watch and see how I transformed my story of going from feelings of wanting to die, to living a life filled with purpose and joy.

If you’re a cancer survivor and would like to work with me on changing your life story, and awaken hope and joy, click the button below to learn how you can sign up for my coaching group specifically designed with you in mind, Reclaim Your Light: Ongoing Support & Coaching for Women Cancer Survivors.

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