Jeri Waite


I have been attending Emilee’s yoga classes for 21 years. It all started when I had a hiking accident on Cold Springs trail. I hurt both of my knees and became very stiff. I thought I would try yoga to help ease the stiffness and improve my flexibility. In my quest to find a class that fit for me, I tried several different teachers and studios but they did not hold my interest. I love Emilee’s class because it is always different. No two classes are alike. It is also exercise, not filled with “new age” like chatter. Emilee frequently asks what the group wants to work on that day and creates a class accordingly. Over the years I have experienced and benefited from her constant quest for learning more about the human body and exercise. Emilee incorporates what she learns from workshops, trainings and master classes into our yoga class, we tease that it is more like Yoga/Pilates/Core Class. I am very grateful for all that Emilee has taught me about the importance of balance, alignment, flexibility and strength. I am involved with other exercise classes/programs as well and know that my motivation and enjoyment of exercise began with Emilee’s yoga class.

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